This is my story

For 33 years I had the world at my feet as the saying goes. A single child to a loving mother and father I couldn’t have, and still couldn’t wish for a better upbringing. Yes you could say I was spoilt in some ways but since leaving school I have achieved some of life ambitions independently and with hard work and graft. Sitting comfortably with a roof over my head, a nice car, and financially I was very much sorted going forward in life should I continue on the same career path.

As a child I had always wanted to be a PE teacher. I was successful and fulfilled this role for nine solid years. Aside from teaching  and following in my fathers footsteps, I became recognised as a talented football referee. Cutting a long story short I became professional within the highest organisation of football in England. This became my job for the next four years. Whilst I loved teaching this was now my new passion and I was thriving in it!

All was fine you say? But for those four years I suffered from anxiety and depression. There I said it and now you know! This was due to constant injuries which were affecting my employment, my hobby and also my social interest within health and fitness. As a result of this I lost my full time position and although I now am employed as a part time employee this hit me for six. Now add on to around the same time my relationship started to break down. As a result I turned to alcohol. Still to this day I don’t deem myself an alcoholic but that was my coping mechanism. This would block out my fears, my worries, my thoughts and everything would be fine. It became more frequent though and in the end It became a nightly thing of having a couple of drinks to cope with my anxiety and depression.

Then on the night of my birthday last year disaster struck for us all. We didn’t know the true extent at the time but for sure every single one of us has done now. March 2020 lockdown!

This is when Fit 4 Wellbeing was born and by using these exact tried and tested methods I turned my life around. Making a change is not always easy but if I can do it then so can you. If you’re struggling then take the first step and talk to me.