Get help when you don’t feel like getting help.

Depression is awful right? 

How do you actually know you have depression? How do you actually know that your not just having a bad day? Well its an illness that constantly tries and takes you down, that belittles you, criticises you, blames you, that gives you unbearable pain, drains you of your motivation and concentration, creates sleepless nights, anger, memory loss are just a few ways. 

Asking for help with depression is hard because you may feel ashamed admitting there is something wrong with your mind, because this must mean that there is something wrong with you. It means that your not strong enough to make it go away. It means you aren’t capable of sorting it out for yourself. 

If we admit we need help, then were accused of not having enough resilience or being weak. Before you get to this stage where you can reach out ask yourself the following; 

  • Have I challenged my own shame? 
  • Have I challenged society’s stigma? 
  • Have I challenged the depressions reason? 

Without taking these steps there is no way you would reach out for help. However you need to ask yourself, why would I not be worthy of help? Well in fact you are! 

Try these strategies to combat what your mind is saying about depression- 

Do the opposite of what depression is telling you to do- this could be phoning a friend when the depression is telling you to not talk and to be alone. However you might not complete the whole task- it might be you don’t want to talk but a text message or social media message might also help. 

Cut down on the booze- drinking alcohol makes your depression worse- sometimes you may think it blocks things out and your memories of what makes you feel bad. It builds confidence in you so you feel you can battle it whilst your under the influence. But deep down when you come round the next day it only increases the way you over think things, the things that are causing the depression couple that with the fact it increases anxiety levels! 

Take up a new hobby- find something that is going to take your mind off things. That are going to challenge you, engage you and motivate you. One area I found is to make new friends, have your hobby within a social environment. You never know you might find someone whos going through difficult times that are doing the same, as well as taking up a new hobby like yourself. 

Get plenty of rest- sleeping is hard when your mind is racing. I found watching some tv firstly took my mind off the issue but secondly made me drowsy and enabled me to drift off.  if thst doesn’t take your fancy go on the app store, download some calm music ( there are quite a few on there) -calm music can take your mind elsewhere into a different environment or part of the world and your mind thinks of positive things- you find someone who has listened to the thunderstorm and the raindrops crashing against the sea, and that It brought on negative thoughts. Your mind already puts itself in a better place!!!!